Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Baby Owls.....


I'm back with some photos of the Baby owls
I helped to look after last week-end at my house and said I post some of the photos....

The Ist one is of Saree is from India and is now 4 weeks old....she will not get much bigger than this but will lose the fluffy look and get more feathers...My daughter came on Saturday with my 4 year old Granddaughter who had a little hold of her......but was more interested watching Keith cut up her food.....yuk....

The 2nd photo is of the two others... the boobook on the left is three weeks old and is just standing up....the eagle owl on the right is two weeks old and we went on Sunday afternoon to pick he/she up.....both will grow much bigger.
get better

........And the last photo is the two younger ones together.... if you go to Owls R Us uk facebook page and you live near or in Essex come and see all of us at the next show....

Thank you for all your comments Joolsx


  1. Oh Jools these are so sweet theres just something about owls which I just love...


  2. Fabulous photos the first one especially, such a lovely enquiring expression on her little face!

  3. I might just have squeed outloud at these fluffy babies. Good job hubby's at work! How wonderful to be involved in raising them when they need a helping hand. Cara x

  4. Oh wow Jools they are just so cute. Thank you for sharing the photos. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  5. Oh bless they are so cute :-)

  6. They are gorgeous owls Jools. lovely photos.
    Pam x

  7. How gorgeous are they, its lovely you are getting to help look after them and help them grow big and strong. Emma x

  8. They are delightful!! What an honour for you to have a hand in their care, it will be wonderful to see them grow up xx

  9. OMG!! They are Sooooo Cute Jools..Loz

  10. what great little visitors to your home!