Friday, 17 November 2017

Snowglobe number 2

Hello...Hope you all had a lovely weekend...I had a friend stay the last few days which was nice and had a good old catch up and a few G&Ts...
and boy did I need a few.....After looking at houses three weeks ago I found one and put in a offer (the asking price) phone the solicitor and booked and pay the surveyor.....
Last Saturday morning I get a phone call from the estate agent to say the vendor has taken a higher offer of fifteen thousand.....I was not a happy off down to Southend I went Sunday afternoon to look at more houses....

Enough of moving or not! and on my card for today.....Snowglobe is Tim holtz number 2....looks like he will be bring one out each year....This one is rounder than last years and has more little dies but are numbered so you know which ones go together....thank goodness! Navy card Papermill....papers from the bit box....sentiment Tonic....

Thank you for your comments....Joolsx


  1. What a lovely card Jools :-)

    OMG poor you, you must be livid :-(((
    The law needs to be changed in this country with regards to gazumping.

  2. Lovely card Jools.
    The law needs changing once someone has invested money ie, surveys they should have to payback what you've spent, I'd be really angry.....

  3. Hi Jools this is a stunning Christmas card I love it. I am sorry your move is not going smoothly. I hope you enjoy your weekend. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  4. Jools I just can't believe the rotten luck you've had over this move! It's disgusting that you've had to pay out more money for nothing, let alone the disappointment you must be feeling. Not surprised you're needing a few G&Ts! Glad you had your friend to stay, at times like this there's nothing better than a good friend (and a G&T of course :)
    Beautiful card, more gorgeous die cuts!

  5. Gorgeous snowglobe scene card Jools..loz

  6. Your card is gorgeous Jools. I love the little houses and the Christmas glitter. I have last year's snow globe as yet unused. I'm sure the numbers will be a great help on all the little pieces.

    I'm glad you had a good time with your friend. So sorry to hear the moving problems continue for you. What an awful time you have had. I hope you had more luck in Southend. I used to live about 7 miles from Southend in the 80's. Barbxx

  7. Beautiful card love the snowglobe-and sorry to hear you are still having trouble with houses
    Carol x

  8. Sorry to hear about the house Jools, awful time you are having, would send anyone to drink!
    Fabulous card, like the look of that snow-globe.
    Hugs Pam x

  9. Sorry to hear about your problems moving, Jools. You must have been furious! Gorgeous card, love the little scene you've created. xx

  10. Gorgeous card, love the snowglobe. How frustrating about the house. I seem to recal on the housing programme with Kirsty and Phil they always make offers on the condition that the house isn't shown to anyone else, whether or not that works whi knows! Hope hope this means that that property wasn't right for you and that something better will come along x

  11. What a disappointment Jools, although I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason, so fingers crossed that the right one will show itself soon!! If it does I hope it looks like one of the cute ones on your card...totally adorable!! xx

  12. Sorry to hear about the house Jools. I am glad you had a good time with your friend. Your card is gorgeous love the little houses x

  13. Gorgeous card and design. You must be at your wit's end with this nightmare of finding and then buying a house. Hugs Emma x