Saturday, 23 June 2018

Moved and sad news....

Well just to update you all....the move did not go very well...We Keith,Jack and I had to got back to Suffolk as a few things got left behind.....good job we did as the removal men that should have disconnect the washing machine did not turn off the water....and water all over the kitchen floor...

Then a week after I moved my Beautiful cat Bailey was not looking to to the Vets here in Shoeburyness....he had Congestive heart failure and at 15 is was kinder to put him to Ive not got a garden as I'm in rented....I had him cremated and picked up his ashes the day before my birthday....he will go into the garden at my new home...

The desk I ordered on the 2 June.....quick to take my money has not come ....phoning...emailing a nightmare....DO NOT ORDER from this company as I think its in another county...odd emails?
Lucky for me I paid with my credit card so been on to my bank....also been on to Ebay and got a new desk hopefully here on Tuesday.....have to work on top of two small filling cabinets.... not good for my neck.....and I miss not crafting....

The best bit of this week I had a Birthday...with lots of cards 37 to date  from family, friends and my buddies on the web and over on DC....I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the cards and messages....Hugs to you all....Joolsx


  1. Oh dear Jules, you have had a rough time, hope things are looking up for you now.
    Wishing you a belated 'Happy Birthday'.

  2. Jules so sorry to hear your news on Bailey....and fingers crossed things are getting better for you....Hope you enjoyed your Birthday


  3. Oh dear Julieanne … sorry to hear you have had some problems but I hope that things improve for you … sorry to hear about your Bailey but as you said it was kinder to put him to sleep … hope things settle down for you … happy crafting (when you get your desk) and love Sandy xx

  4. Hi Jools you have had a very difficult time. The decision about Bailey must have been a hard one to make. I do hope you get your money back for the desk and that the new one comes soon. I hope you had a good birthday. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  5. Oh Jools, I'm so sorry to hear about poor Bailey xxxx
    And you have had such a rough time with the move - hope things settle down now. Glad you received lots of cards :-)

  6. So sorry to hear that your lovely Bailey is no longer with you. Wishing you better days ahead xx

  7. So sad about Bailey x
    Hope things start to improve x

  8. Oh Jools! So sorry to hear about Bailey. Hope your Ebay purchases turn up soon and Happy Belated Birthday! Shabneez x

  9. Sorry to hear about the trouble with your move and sad to hear about Bailey-hope you managed to enjoy your birthday
    Carol x

  10. Aww Jools just one thing after another with the move, i was sad to hear about Bailey. Sending you lots of hugs Emmax

  11. Sorry to hear all the troubles you had Jools, hope thing will only get better for you.
    Pam xx

  12. Happy belated birthdays Jools. Yu are not having a good year. I hope the future goes better.. Hugs Loz